Is #Gaza Israelis ‘final solution’ to the Palestinian people?

Concentrated into a small strip of land, surrounded with an iron curtain of walls, mines, and machines of war; is Gaza just an extermination camp to allow Israel to wipe the Palestinian people off the map?

It sure looks like it. Over 200 dead to date of writing in the latest conflict to just one Israeli death. Palestinian chrilden slaughtered at play. Trial by bomb and gun.

And yet for all this Israeli fire power, for all their technology and anger, all they are doing is creating another generation with passionate hatred towards their oppressors. Until Israel dismantles the Gaza concentration camp; until they stop the killing and show humility all they do is breed into a nation a passion and belief in the injustice and slaughter they experience.

There is no Plan B here for Israel. They are generating the very thing they are fighting against.

So, the only and final solution for the Israelis must be to destroy their sense of nation, community, and every single life. Gaza is the worlds largest concentration camp with what appears to be just one aim – the complete destruction of the Palestinian nation.

The shame and guilt we should be feeling is that we all let this happen. We buy Israeli goods, supply then with arms and do nothing to help the people of Palestine. I can only hope that both sides see sense, put down their arms, remove the barriers and seek a long lasting peace based on knowledge, co-operation and tolerance.

Review of TP-Link TD-W8968 ADSL2+ Wireless Router

If you don’t have a problem with a crowded 2.4GHz spectrum in your area, then a very low cost ADSL2+ wireless router may be your answer. The TP-Link TD-W8968 is almost too cheap – at around the £30 mark from the likes of Argos, this device is clearly aimed at the lower cost bracket and the consumer market.

So in a house full of Internet addicts, how does this device perform? Well, much better than expected. For comparison here, it’s replacing the BT Home Hub 3.0 a very common device out there and for such a low price a much more viable option that the replacement cost of a BT Home Hub.

TP-Link W8968

A quick look at the specification and both devices are very similar, both run only on the 2.4GHz spectrum with 300Mbit wireless n support, both have four ethernet ports, USB and ADSL2+ modems built in. Ascetically, the TP-Link TD-W8968 does look cleaner and more professional, but the Home Hubs are so common I would suspect that no one notices them any more. The TP-Link TD-W8968 could also be wall mounted and has directional aerials, so there is a touch more flexibility.

At look at power consumption puts them level pegging and on packaging both have minimised the non-recyclable elements and clearly don’t waste packaging materials. Here though you can clearly see BT’s commitment – no fancy colour printed boxes, everything marked with the material type and everything is colour co-ordinated. So wot? well this stops waste, shows people what each item is for and where it’s connected. I wonder how many generic grey cables have been binned before they true need has been recognised.

So how does the ADSL connection compare between the two devices? Our BT Home Hub 3.0 connected to the Internet with a reasonable error rate at 1124Kbps downstream and 448Kbps upstream. Given our distance from the exchange, this is nothing but a miracle. How does the TP-Link TD-W8968 compare? With almost no error rate, the TP-Link is getting 1976Kbps downstream and 448Kbps upstream. I’ve left the TP-Link TD-W8968 two weeks to settle on this speed and the performance improvement is very noticeable – almost double the speed previously achieved and with few errors.

I’m guessing that the BT Home Hub 3.0 is configured with some very conservative settings, on the other hand, the latest firmware for the TP-Link is almost a year newer, so this may be down to highly tuned software settings and hardware capabilities.

But what use is the Internet if you cannot get to it? Just about everything these days requires wireless. Wired is dead. So performance is all. There are going to be no records set with only 300Mbit Wireless N available, but range, especially through walls and bleed into outside spaces becomes more important (last thing I need is daughters complaining at the lack of Internet whilst sunning themselves in the garden). The BT Home Hub 3.0 always seems to lack some get up and go. Wall penetration is limited and it does seem very directional – point the hub in the right way and you get a good signal in one direction.

The TP-Link TD-W8968 is not like this at all. Penetrating through my 1m thick stone walls, the signal bleeds into external areas well and provides good coverage. Nothing is lightning quick here, but good enough for basic browsing, email and limited youtube action.

So far, the TP-Link TD-W8968, has owned the BT Home Hub 3.0 for ADSL and Wireless performance. It’s a draw on environmental issues and ascetics. But whilst the BT Home Hub 3.0 is very simple to set up and get working, it’s biggest let down is the lack of useful features and any real configuration.  The TP-Link TD-W8968 scores highly here with features like:

  • Guest WiFi
  • Customisable settings (such as DNS, QoS, Parental Controls, SPI Firewall etc)
  • Support for USB 3G modems

In conclusion, it’s clear that TP-Link have done a great job with the TD-W8968.  The Home Hub 3.0 wins only on ease of configuration, in every other respect, the TP-Link TD-W8968 is head and shoulders above the BT offering.  My recommendation:  if you need a replacement or new ADSL2+ Wireless Router, then look no further than the TP-Link offering.

Think Green Party in European Elections 2014

What a great advert for the Green Party. If your ever thinking of an alternative just spend a minute or two watching this and decide what’s best for you, your family, community and country.

Wantage, Letcombe Regis, East Challow Circular Walk

Circular route from the centre of the market town of Wantage. Good selection of road, gravel, mud with excellent dog walking potential. Ends walking via the old Berks & Wilts canal and back into the centre of town.  Only 5 miles and a good selection of views and walking conditions.  A great one for the dogs.  There is a full description of the waypoints and route on ViewRanger.  Enjoy.

Bodge after bodge – amateur hour

The electrics in the new house scare me slightly.  Just replacing bulbs with energy efficient LED and CFL bulbs has revealed a whole bunch of hidden problems.  The electric shock off the porch light was interesting, though I couldn’t feel my arm for an hour (lighting circuit power was turned off); but the second kitchen lights are type of what I can expect here and what needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Placed directly on top of a 12V halogen bulb this component is toast.  I am surprised that there was not a fire or at least a loud bang.  Previous owners of the house seemed to have continued on oblivious to their bodges though.  Let’s hope I can get around to fixing it all before one of the bodges comes to bite me.

Theft of lightbulbs in Brightwalton village occur unabated as neighbours go around stealing others people external lights. Why this phenomenon is occurring is a mystery, though speculation is that old wannabe middle class nimbys are looking for nocturnal pleasures. Others say that it’s part of a fantasy jacuzzi cult. Who knows…

Related Images:

Heading to the European Elections

We are on the run up to the European Elections and it’s fascinating to see how little media coverage the Green Party receive. Others, who are more controversial and more extreme seem to get the attention. I guess this is in the interests of the broadcasters, who are after controversy to sell their stories, but it would be nice to think that the Green Party, with ever increasing local, national and EU representation would get the opportunity to put opinion forward.

I guess though this debate goes back to the state and privately owned media. A more transparent process, would certainly help to unlock our democracy and perhaps even make it a little more honest and accountable.

Fukushima ground water exceeds 2 million becquerels per litre

It’s been quite some time since the triple melt down at Fukushima Japan.  Whilst the Japanese struggle to clear up and manage the situation, TEPCO announced that values ​​of 2.1 million becquerels per litre were measured on Friday 27th.  The Japan Times recently reported:

Tepco found 950 million becquerels of cesium and 520 million becquerels of beta ray-emitting radioactive substances, including strontium, in the water from 13 meters [~43 feet] underground.

Water from 1 meter down contained 340 million becquerels, and a sample from 7 meters down contained 350 million becquerels.

Let’s all hope that they get on top of the situation soon and that nations around the world will rethink their strategy on nuclear energy.  Imagine a similar incident in the UK – could we survive if a county or two were so highly irradiated that we had to abandon them?

Satsuma Toilet Roll Fire Lighter

So with the festive time of year approaching fast and the numbers of satsumas and clementines filling the shelves, most people love to sock up on this fruit.  So this is a neat little tip that combines the waste skin from these fruits and turns them into a fairly good fire lighter.  What you need is a toilet roll tube, lots of skin and a bit of time.  Start with the tube on it’s end and slowly pack it with the skins.  Each new layer must dry completely before adding the next, so you may need to do several of these at the same time.  Once full, leave to completely dry – south facing window should be enough, even in winter.

What you end up with is a solid tube of orange peel which is very flammable and burns for enough time to get a good wood fire going.  Smells nice too when burning!

1st world middle class petitions – locals with no lives

Doesn’t seem like two years ago, but to the day, my middle class NIMBY neighbour knocked on the door and ask me to sign a petition.  The middle classing revolting?  No, it was a petition against the white van parked on the opposite side of the road to their house.  What a first world problem, how trivial and pathetic.  The neighbour opposite works at least 5 day a week gardening and these NIMBY’s were out there to seek to stop him working.  After making him redundant unable to continue his business, I can only assume that a petition would follow complaining that the poor chap was now on benefits and eating into the tax they pay (or perhaps largely avoid paying).

I do wish that the energies of these people could be used for something good for once and not to try and keep their social status (as the van was surely reducing the price of their tiny middle class house and the oiks living opposite must surely belong in another village [sic]).  Why these sorts of people go to a small community I’ve no idea.  They contribute nothing positive and spend their lives disrupting others to keep their old fashioned middle class ways.  Perhaps a ‘secondment’ to a 3rd world country would put their trivial lives into perspective.

Related Images:

Will our greed see Fracking on the agenda

Our greed has pushed fracking to the headlines as analysis shows that the gas deposits within shale rock could provide massive volumes of natural gas in England. We have two routes of investment here, clearly we as a country can invest in shale gas extraction (fracking) or we could look to spend the investment in renewable energies.

The problem with renewal energies is that it’s often the NIMBY crowd who don’t want to see this adopted. It’s not in their interests and after all, fracking just puts a few gas towers in someone else’s community. But in reality it’s likely to be their problem. There won’t be one or two towers, there will be hundreds, covering prime home counties as well as the midlands and north. NIMBY Tory and Lib Dem areas will suddenly be awoken with the reality of events.

But the bounty of cash for the local community will silence some.

Still those same NIMBY’s will be complaining about the price of gas (and not thinking about how they can reduce their consumption) and they will be convinced that the prices of gas may go down for their central heating.

They won’t be thinking about any long term damage. They won’t learn from the examples in the US and Germany. They won’t have spent time watching Gasland or many of the other documentaries out there showing the consequences.

Such is this selfish generation that we have produced that only when the impact becomes personal to them, will they act and complain. They will take the local community cash, they will take a bigger glug on cheaper gas, and then whinge when it goes wrong for them. Of course, if it doesn’t impact them, they will ignore it.

Seriously though, could we, should we, pump a chemical soup into our bedrock and not expect consequences?

Take some time and watch Gasland.

Five more new chick’s hatch

Five more new Chicks have hatched after being nursed by Lady Baldrick the Blackrock.  All looking like a healthy addition to the flock.  Now is the wait to find out what sex they are…

Lady Baldrick's new chicks

Blogging vs territorial and financial institutions

With the news that a number of bloggers have been banned from entering the country, I wonder how this freedom of opinion will change the way territorial institutions will see their role in managing populations.  The US and China are well known for censoring anything that would upset their political systems, the UK has clearly been doing this for some time by managing the press and media; but bloggers are a problem for these countries – they put in writing what they think.  They do so without the corporate or social controls put in place to sensor ‘professional journalists’.

Currently ‘freedom of the press’ is expressed by journalists in a small number of businesses that are on the whole, out there to make money.  They are constrained by this and constrained by the limitations that may be placed upon them by territorial institutions that may see them as a threat to their beliefs or methods of social control.  They are also at the influence of these same bodies who may be willing to fund their efforts on the basis of their support.  It’s a form of parasitic relationship, where they both rely upon each other for survival (i.e. it’s not in their interests to upset their parasitic partner).

Bloggers have the potential to loose these boundaries.  They have the ability to speak freely, to air their opinion and to upset the symbiotic relationship of the press and the state.

Bloggers also have a sinister side too – it’s all too easy for the territorial and financial institutions to ignore the press and publish their propaganda directly.  The US blogging scene is marred by this approach.

It is these two categories of bloggers that make territorial institutions nervous.  A rival can use the blogging platform to push their message, their change agenda and their culture into other societies; and an openly free and opinionated public can change the traditional balance of power within their society (in the UK, general opinion is filtered by a small self serving elite and re-purposed through the professional press and media).

So, this elite and their territorial and financial institutions have a vested interest to use blogging in conflicted ways: to understand threats/opportunities; and through chastisement and stigma, dissuade free opinion and free expression.

Blogging could become an important freedom of expression.  Something embraced not as rogue opinion but as a valued contribution to the development of a modern society – one where all opinion is valued and self moderated.

Good creative work from Katy Hollister

Katy Hollister has completed some work at Oxford University as part of her arts programme and we finally have some of the results back. I like the thinking and style of the mirror, so I’ve attached a picture below.  Wonder what she would be capable of given the best and most creative environments available from some schools out there.


Dawlish to Teignmouth Coastal Walk

The walk from Dawlish to Teignmouth is something I’ve done many times, so I thought it about time I put the route down in the blog.  The views are stunning and it’s a largely simple flat and level walk (along the sea wall between the sandy beaches and railway line).  Not recommended at high tide with a bit of bad weather – or at least you are likely to get very wet and may have to find alternative routes to avoid the sea walls.   There are some steep climbs, but you could avoid this will a longer walk along the roads if required.


The new blog has arrived!

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the blog, so it’s had a well needed make over. Moving from the older Serendipity platform to WordPress will help me keep things up-to-date and should keep me on top of the latest features available on the web.

So a big thank you to those that have helped me create this site and hello to a new set of technology.

Old Serendipity Blog

The Old Adrian Hollister Blog

Adrian Hollister’s photostream

The Barn CafeHigh footpaths in LetcombeGood track but slippery chalk in the wetView from the Ridgeway down towards WantageBridalway to LetcombeSign from Ridgeway to Letcombe
Steep in places, but great to walkQuirky StileBrightwalton ChurchOverlooking East ChallowClear but not flowing waterBerks and Wilts Canal  59
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Planning permission – the route to more cash?

We’ve recently gone through planning for our house, to convert something run down into something useful to the community and hopefully attract families back into the village. Families help keep open the local schools, clubs and other facilities – something that is lost when childless and older people retire to villages. The planning process worked well, with the local typical nutty tory NIMBY’s failing on their attempt of character assignation and intimidation of my girls (how brave they were picking on girls).

Old Trees Elevations

Old Trees Elevations

What surprised me is the value that has been added to the house as a building plot. It’s a huge amount of money and we’ve had a large number of builders that want to buy the land and hope that they can build two or more properties. It’s tempting to take the money and run – with the increase in value we could certainly buy a very nice house and we would leave the NIMBY’s living next to a building plot.

Food for thought I think.

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BT Infinity 2 = damn quick

BT Infinity 2 installed and working. What an amazingly quick service. Now if only BT could roll this out to rural locations…

More face painting fun

Another batch of face painting this weekend. Hands stained in red paint now – not too professional for work Monday. Still good fun though and made loads of money for charity. Weather is good, so that always helps.

West Berks Environmental Health fix the stinking sewage problems at The Crab in Chieveley

Looks like West Berks Environmental Health people have stood up to the challenge of the sewage leaking from The Crab on the B4494 Newbury to Wantage road and have helped them to fix their problems. Many thanks to West Berkshire Environmental Health – great job!

"Good morning Mr Hollister

The Crab employed a drainage engineer who appears to have resolved the drainage issue. I visited the restaurant yesterday and the side of the road had no ponding water/effluent and has been dry for about a week. Hopefully that is the end of the matter.


Tony McEvoy

Senior Environmental Health Officer

Commercial Team

West Berkshire and Wokingham Environmental Health and Licensing Service"

Face painting for charity today

Had a bit of fun face painting for Brightwalton School today. Not sure how much I raised this time, but it was very busy and lots of people turned up (despite the snow). First time I’ve had to face paint whilst wearing wellies and many layers of clothes, but clearly the kids of the downlands here are made of sturdy stuff as none complained about the cold. Sprog 3 also won the Easter Bonnet competition – well done to her.

Brightwalton Easter Bonnet Winner 2013

Brightwalton Easter Bonnet Winner 2013

One the way back I snapped a nice picture of the church – snow melting fast but still looking amazing.

Brightwalton Church March 2013

Brightwalton Church March 2013

Planning progress in Brightwalton

Planning is progressing for the changes to our family home in Brightwalton. There were a couple of objections, but most were boiler plate from the same person; so I hope they are all counted as a single issue. We are one of four original bungalows. At one end of the row we have a house that has been converted to a massive house. We are at the other end but the the house next door to us is in effect three stories high from our ground level so they won’t be impacted by any change.

We knew it was always going to be difficult to get planning in Brightwalton especially as were told a member of the parish council next door who has a propensity to complain about any change and anything modern. So surprise surprise, the parish councillor and the parish council were objectors with almost word for word the same points. Loss of objectivity I think there, especially as other parish councillors get their planning approved immediately. The old boys club is alive and well in what some would describe as a horridly corrupt quango.

It’s amazing to see how many people are stuck in the past – locked in the cycle of remembering better times. If they were being honest with themselves they would recognise that the past was not better, just different. There also seem to be groups that move to villages to die and are happy to watch the villages die around them. Personally I prefer change. It’s invigorating, an opportunity to do things better, and an opportunity to clear out the cobwebs from our collective failed past.

Good news is that the planning people and vast majority in the village approve of the plans. Let’s hope we can get this approved soon and start the building works… time to read a bit more on sustainable housing and building techniques.

Related Images:

Raw sewage a health hazard near the Crab at Chieveley

It's been what seems like well over a year now since raw sewage smelling water is running from outside the Crab at Chieveley. It seems to have started from a drain directly outside with a foul smelling puddle on the road, to now where the whole road both lanes are covered in disgusting effluent. There is a distinctly cease pit smell to the water and the stench for passing cars is disgusting. There must be a health hazard here for anyone subject to direct spray – cyclists, walkers or motor bike riders; let alone the unaware motorist with any windows open. I can't quite understand how this clear health hazard has been allowed to continue for so long.

I am sure that if this was me I would be horrified and would seek to resolve the problem however I could immediately. The business that must be lost to the Crab at Chieveley by the smell must be massive. I would hope that no one gets ill from the effluent. In these days of no-win-no-fee I'm sure there would be potentially huge financial claims.

West Berkshire Council Public Health:

WBC Public Health Team email address:

Review of TP-Link TL-WA730RE Wireless N Range Extender

If, like me, you have poor reception in certain areas of your home, you could look to the so called Range Extender’s to boost your existing network coverage. But my problem is not always boosting my own signal, but boosting local BTWiFi networks. I often work away from home and I am always disappointed with the range and reception of the BT Wireless offering that is often bundled free with BT broadband and other packages. I end up squeezing my laptop or iPad onto window sills that give me the best reception. What a nightmare.

Step in the range extender’s. They are simple wireless hubs that exclude some of the features required by your main hub – dhcp, firewall, etc. Some are so simple to set up and use, they need no manual, just a bit of common sense and a power socket. The TP-Link TL-WA730RE is one of the easiest wireless hubs that I have ever touched. Maplin are selling these hubs for about £30 quid, but they are cheaper on amazon and other on-line retailers if you can wait for delivery. So they are cheap, easy to get hold of and easy to use, but just how easy?

Set up of the TP-Link device for unsecured wireless networks (such as BTWiFi or BTWiFi-with-FON) is as follows:

  1. Plug in power
  2. Wait for lights to show the device is ready
  3. Push the ‘Range Extender’ button on the back
  4. Job done

Ok, you do need to put it in a place where it can receive signals from the network your interested in, but as it’s repeating the wireless network you don’t need to be too fussy with this (window sills are a good place from my experience). There is a wired port Ethernet in the back too if you want to use a cable, but I’m going for convenience.

It does get a little more complex if you have lots of unencrypted networks in your area, but all you do is put a disk into a Windows machine plug in the Ethernet cable and run a simple set up program. A few next, next, next steps and you can choose the network you would like to connect to. You will also need to use this set up program if you want to connect to a secured / encrypted wireless network where you will need to select the network name and put in the network password.

Light and low power the TP-Link TL-WA730RE has a three year warranty in the UK with 24×7 support available too. The spec is not top end, but with Wireless N 150Mbps and such a simple range extender function (something essential for extending BT free WiFi service BTWiFi), it is amazing value that I would be happy to recommend to anyone.

Snow arrives in West Berkshire

Nice chunk of snow arrives in West Berkshire. Most roads have been cleared to a good enough standard, but a few drivers continue to drive at insane speeds. Loads of kids out on sledges and having great fun. My dogs are enjoying the snow too!

Snow in Brightwalton

Food banks fill an essential gap in our welfare system

Frustrating to see that yet another Conservative is so insensitive to the people in this country – this time it’s about poverty and food banks. Chris Steward a councillor for York shows just how out of touch these people are. In their own little private well funded world. I don’t wish ill on anyone, but it would be good for Chris Steward and other Conservatives to live in poverty, not just for days, but for years. This would give them a little perspective and an understanding of how their view’s mismatch the needs of the people in this country.

Just to be clear though, in West Berkshire the Green Party do not agree with his words. He is at best an uninformed fool and worst a publicity seeking Toff. Food banks provide an amazing service in one of the great gaps in our welfare system. We should be praising the people and companies that provide food and people for their time helping others. If I had my magic wand I would change the welfare system and our working system – a move to a living wage, training, etc. A caring, cooperative and inclusive Green society would provide everyone with opportunities to do valuable work, pursue their interests, interact with their community, keep learning and enjoy nature.


‘Dear Richard Benyon,

A few days ago, Conservative councillor for York Chris Steward told the York Press: “The fact some give food to food banks, merely enables people who can’t budget (an issue where schools should do much more and I have said the council should) or don’t want to, to have more money to spend on alcohol, cigarettes etc.

“There is certainly no need for food banks; no-one in the UK is starving and I think food banks insult the one billion in the world that go to bed hungry every day.”

In my opinion this shows a lack of empathy and a serious gap in the Conservative Parties understanding of poverty and the causes of poverty.

Do you share his option, agree with his membership of the Conservative Party and will you be sharing your opinion with the Prime Minister?

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Hollister.’


Picture from ‘The Food Bankers’ WordPress site which can be found here.

Just some random words without meaning

This is an example of how to type and what to do when you are trying to look busy. There is nothing else to do at the moment, but to show how these things are allowed to develop, but you never know what happens when you just start typing stuff into the computer. Some times there are examples of how things can just be written without thinking about stuff. I would like to think that I can type fast and well without looking at the screen, but it just doesn’t happen too quickly.

This is another paragraph of text and looks to fill up with page with some more text. Nothing much to say, but at least it adds to the material and makes it look like there is more here than meets the eye. Who knows what the heck they are thinking about when they read this. Who knows who they are exactly. Perhaps they are just kids, browsing the web with nothing else to do. Perhaps they are old people, sat a home with a laptop on their knee browsing the web with slight fear and a bit of wonder. Perhaps though they have just hit this page because a search engine has pointed them in this direction.

Do I care though who’s looking at this junk page? Not really. It just marks words on a web site in no real order and with no real intention. No political stuff in this blog entry, no real meaning either. Just some words, some sentences and nothing in any real order. I would like to think it makes sense, but I know it won’t.

So what am I writing about? Nothing, just nothing. Well OK, not nothing, but nothing of any meaning or purpose. Well OK perhaps a purpose, the purpose is of course to add some text to a web blog entry because, well, because I can. Perhaps I can add some odd stuff to the page. Let’s see how it goes. I’ve a yellow Ethernet cable at the moment. Yellow because the other ones have slowly been taken at work. Taken by people I’m guessing who have forgotten theirs and need one badly. Yellow it seems is a deterrent. Not quite as good as the bright pink one I used to have, but that’s gone beyond the end of it’s standard working life and had to be ditched.

There must be a market out there for a personalised Ethernet cable. Perhaps name printing or some ‘don’t nick me’ stripes on the cable to show personalisation, and personalisation generally stops people in your own office ‘borrowing’ it. Mind you, what the heck would you do if you noticed your personalised Ethernet cable on your boss’s desk. Would you burst into the office and claim back your item? Perhaps you could stay late and sneak into the office and reposes your precious Ethernet cable – of course they may have taken it home, so now is clearly the time to get it back. Time to take some lessons in tact and perhaps dish out a lesson in humility to the boss. In I charge. ‘Sorry I just borrowed it’ came from the office before a potentially nasty confrontation. Perhaps the look on my face was enough to show I meant business. Perhaps though it was angry body language. Who cares, I have my cable back. For now.

See, I thought this ramble would go somewhere. Though perhaps not where it was originally intended. Or who knows, perhaps through some divine power, or perhaps through some unknown entity writing through my fingers into the keyboard the story formed? Or perhaps it’s just a bunch of junk put together by my own mad scrambled mind.

That Ethernet cable is bothering me again now. Why are they always too long or too short? They either take up too much space in your bag, or they are just not enough to reach from the nearest socket to where you want to work. Perhaps it’s a great cable conspiracy or perhaps the health and safety loonies in organisations make the sockets accessible only to placed you don’t want to work. I like the thought of a great covert body of health and safety executives planning world wide conspiracies to increase the sales of Ethernet cables, where they own a 60% stake. But more likely this ramble is just searching for another paragraph ending.

Perhaps then what I should be seeking is just the end of this random assortment of words :)

Have a great Christmas break people and a great year ahead.

Flooding causes rail disruption in Newbury

Further heavy rain today has deepened the floods in Devon and Cornwall. The train line services from Newbury are limited as much of the service run’s from London Paddington to Exeter or Plymouth – both areas heavily damaged by floods. Newbury to Plymouth is a journey that I do on a regular basis. It’s lucky I don’t have to travel this way for a few weeks now, but feel sorry for anyone stuck – there is no rail diversion route and at best a long bus journey awaits those stuck. But this minor travel disruption for us should be in context: Pictures of the flooding in Devon are shocking – many of the places deep under water I have walked with the dogs and it’s difficult to understand from the picture just how deep and fast flowing the water must be in places. I hope that everyone in Devon and Cornwall have a great Christmas break and manage to stay dry and safe.

Local News Links:

-Newbury Today web site

-BBC News web site

Newbury Town a Christmas shopping delight

Spent most of the day today in Newbury shopping for Christmas. There is a great atmosphere around the town with brass bands, loads of artists, the charter market and loads of small stalls. Sprog 1 played with Berkshire Maestroes in Northcroft Band outside Camp Hopson's today, you can see a clip of them performing below.

Nice to finish off the day with a good cup of Lapsang and some soup from the Tea Shop by the Canal. Not sure I actually bought a lot, but for once this Christmas shopping experience was a good one – well done Newbury!